Competitive Pokemon – Slowbro

Thanks to his enormous bulk and access to a reliable recovery move, Slowbro is one of the premier walls in Black and White OU and certainly one of the best contenders for a bulky Water type Pokemon that fits well onto many teams. Slowbro’s secondary typing is Psychic and thanks to its decent Special Attack stat of 100, it can dish out the damage after taking a hit. Slowbro can also recover his health thanks to his Regenerator ability gained through the Dream World. This means Slowbro gains one third of his HP each time he switches out! His stats, ability, and move pool help to make him a great Water type in OU.

slowbro water psychic hippo pokemon

The Bulkiest Bro

Trait: Regenerator

Nature: Bold, Relaxed

252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Sp Def

– Scald

– Psychic

– Slack Off

– Toxic

Slowbro excels at taking hits and healing the damage off while also spreading status around your foe’s team. Max Defense is preferred with either a Bold or Jolly nature, (Slowbro doesn’t use either his Speed or Attack stat,) which lets Slowbro take on many foes on the physical side. Scald has a chance to burn the opponent while Toxic is great for damaging opposing bulky Water Pokemon who may try to switch in on you. Psychic gets STAB and is great for dealing with the many Fighting types that we see today in OU. But Slowbro does not excel as much at attacking as he does at defending! With 95 base HP and 110 base Defense, Slowbro can tank hits all day while using Slack Off to heal off what it fears. Regenerator heals for almost as much and is great because all you have to do in order to activate it is switch Slowbro out. Thanks to his semi unique typing shared with the Starmie line, Slowbro never has trouble finding his way into the ranks of many teams. All in all, Slowbro is a great Pokemon and should always be looked at when trying to fill the role of “Bulky Water” on your competitive Pokemon team.

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